13 October 2017

«Autumn Forest Camp» у Чудодієво

Дитячий табір «Autumn Forest Camp» — це чудова можливість цікаво організувати дозвілля школярів на період осінніх канікул. 

18 September 2017

Taste autumn with the «Chudodievo»

Meet the new autumn menu of the restaurant «Chudodievo»! 

23 August 2017

Happy Independence Day of Ukraine!

On the occasion of the anniversary of Independence of our state, we wish you good health, great family happiness, peace, mutual understanding, harmony and well-being. 

2 August 2017

A Legend about the place known as Chudodiivo

Few people know that interesting and mystical stories are associated with the place where the dwelling "Chudodievo" was located. Let's go to one of them ... 

18 July 2017

We have new menu, in some of them I was practiced with practicality.

Various changes have taken place in the restaurant menu of the farm "Chudodievo"! 

23 June 2017

30% discount on having a rest in lakeside bungalow

May the time spent here fill you with happiness and inspiration!  

23 June 2017

The Recreation Program “EcoLife” for children and adults

Chudodiivo is the place exclusively created for having a harmonic and calm rest in the countryside. 

19 May 2017

Recreation Package: a week of rest with healing bees

Summer is the best season to recover a measure of your strength and build up your health.

25 April 2017

Йога-вікенд у «Чудодієво»

The best way to refresh your energy and restore piece of mind is the yoga practice in the picturesque surroundings of Ukrainian Polissya wilderness area.  

19 April 2017

Welcome to the exciting motorbike season opening in the Dobrostan recreation site!

This bright and fascinating event is provided by the God’s Squad CMC motor club – hundreds of bikers all over Ukraine gather to make this show happen.