27 May 2015

Meet summer!

Bright, hot summer comes to us bravely and confidently. 

26 May 2015

Present your beloved with vacation in «Chudodiyevo»

«Chudodiyevo» offers you gift certificates 

8 May 2015

We remember and honor

The greatest value in the world is human life, and the greatest happiness is peace at home.

With faith in the heart in this great day we wish Ukrainians to be happy.  

5 May 2015

Травень у «Чудодієво»

Насолодіться травнем сповна — подаруйте собі неповторні моменти єднання з природою, завітавши до «Чудодієво».  

2 March 2015

Congratulations, the most charming!

On the March 8th «Chudodiyevo» presents the women with the magic music compliments: best songs will sound in your honour in the evening at the restaurant.  

1 March 2015

Season birch sap started!

Since ancient times to the present days birch is called the blissful tree, as translated from Latin birch means   «blissful, blessed». 

23 February 2015

Welcome to the Maslyana festival at «Chudodiyevo»

The spring is just around the corner – let us meet it together! «Chudodiyevo» will celebrate Maslyana festival on February 21st at 3 pm.