When you are going to Chudodiyevo center, please, plan to visit a massage session. You can enjoy this service either in your room or while visiting the bathhouse - in any case, you will feel the refreshing power of our center that comes to you through the hands of true professionals.

Full body massage

Full body health and relaxing massage is the best way to get rid of the burden of everyday routine, to renew yourself after a hard working week and return to a state of calm and balance. Classical massage has the therapeutic effect on the whole body.

The hands of a professional massage therapist feel your body like no other can, they speak the same language - the language of moves. Gentle stroking makes you forget about the hard week, kneading gives your body a sense of balance and harmony, vibrations will set a positive and proactive rhythm of your life, and rubbing can help organize your thoughts and feelings.

Stone massage

Stone massage (massage done with stones) - a popular relaxing procedure that helps pep your spirits and relax after everyday strife. This massage affects body areas with help of specific stones, usually lava rock, marble or basalt. Only naturally occurring stones, perfectly polished in a natural way by wind, sand or water, are used during this type of massage.

It is widely known since ancient times, that stones of natural origin have incredible healing effects. They are superb at fighting stress and exhaustion, relieving tension and balancing the psycho-emotional state. People feel relaxed and revitalized after stone massage therapy.

Should you wish to visit a massage therapy session, please let us know beforehand.