Houses for a rest

When designing the premises for the guests of the Chudodeevo, our aim was not only to have a comfortable rest, but also healthy one.

In the ecological area, among the forest and lakes, there are wooden cottages of various categories of comfort: from two-person cottages to the "Lux" houses. All of them are built with care and love, and therefore - surprise with its atmosphere and friendly hospitality.

What’s inside?

The interior of each house harmoniously combines ethnic motives and modern comfort.

The premises are equipped with comfortable exclusive furniture: they were made specially for the needs of the “hutorok”.

For restful and recreational vocation, we have equipped with Veneto mattresses made of ecological materials. They are made with Italian technologies and are recommended by orthopedists for the prevention of back diseases. Supporting the spine in an ideal position, the mattress provides the necessary rest and build a correct posture.

Each house has a modern bathroom - no less beautiful and cozy, then a bedroom.

All cottages have summer terraces - an extra space where it's nice to enjoy the fine days with a cup of tea.

Which category of a cottage to choose?

Cottage no.1 — Double-storey ‘Luxury’ cottage with two bedrooms and one hallway. It is suitable for accommodation of up to four persons.

Cottage no.2 — Double-storey ‘Luxury’ cottage with one bedroom and one hallway. It is suitable for accommodation of two-four persons.

Cottage no. 3 — Cottage for two; provided with sauna.

Cottages no. 4-12 — Cottages for two; extra accommodation is possible.

Cottages no. 13-24 — Cottages for two.

Accommodation in the cottages shall be paid for each day of stay in advance, according to the valid price-list.

Дякуємо Вам за бронювання номера у «Чудодієво». Найближчим часом з Вами зв’яжеться наш менеджер для уточнення деталей замовлення.

Бронювання номерів

Зверніть увагу: номер вважається заброньованим тільки після підтвердження замовлення по телефону. Будь ласка, очікуйте на наш дзвінок.

* Поля, обов'язкові для заповнення.