The special attention is paid in the Chudodiievo homestead to the cookery and high quality of the visitors servicing. Apart from the main ingredients, the each dish is provided with specific spirit being granted by mysterious power of this locality. You may taste the delicious dishes, take the rest with your friends, family members or colleagues – all this is available for you not only in the restaurant! Moreover, you may attend big or small ‘Shepherd‘s Cottage‘ (aka ‘Kolyba’), summer ground site and summer houses.

Double-storey restaurant ‘Chododiievo’ is considered to be the pleasant place for solemn events, family or corporate parties, and warm meetings with friends or relatives. It is perfectly suitable for comfortable simultaneous rest of up to 40 persons. All visitors of the restaurant are offered with the best Ukrainian dishes. They are cooked only from the ecologically clean products.

Big ‘Shepherd’s Cottage’ (aka ‘Kolyba’)

Upon taking an active rest, especially in the open air, everybody are invited to taste the delicious home-style dishes. The restaurant ‘Shepherds Cottage’ (aka ‘Kolyba’) (a traditional Carpathian-style building where the people could eat, communicate and have fun) offers the unique branded national Ukrainian dishes for its guests. Everybody shall surely taste the dumplings (aka ‘varenyky’) with sour cream, roasted meat, red borsch and of course the strong cranberry liqueur ‘Veselukha’. All our dishes are notable for its simplicity and unpretentiousness; they are cooked on firewood in the real traditional Ukrainian stove and are made exclusively from the ecologically clean products. The vegetables being the main ingredients of the most dishes are grown with infinite love and care of our guests on the own land parcel of the Chudodiievo homestead. The big ‘Shepherds Cottage’ (aka ‘Kolyba’) can cater either individual visitors or large groups of people as well (nearly 30 guests may be served at once). It shall be also possible to order the banquet or ceremonial reception. Bon Appétit!

Small ‘Shepherd’s Cottage’ (aka ‘Kolyba’)

Minor group of friends (6-10 persons) is offered to attend the small ‘Shepherds Cottage’ (aka ‘Kolyba’) located within the territory of the Chudodiievo homestead. Feel the real Carpathian flavor and spend the time with pleasure. Enjoy high quality service, tasty Ukrainian cookery, ‘hot’ drinks and merry music.

Summer ground site and summer houses

Do you like staying in an intimate circle and tasting your favorite dishes in the open air and moreover, doing this with accompaniment of melodious birds’ songs, in the atmosphere of the harmony and calm? Then, be invited to the one of the summer houses in Chudodiievo. The summer house is suitable for 3-6 people at once.

The summer ground site of the Chudodiievo homestead can accommodate up to 80 persons. This is considered to be the nice place for banquets and corporate parties.